On Friday the 24th of August we had our Annual Basketball Lightning Premiership. We had a girls’ team which was coached by Mrs Smith and a boys’ team which was coached by Mr O.


In the girl’s team we had Monique, Jackie, Cadence, Kayla & Maddie.

In the boy’s team we had Jordan, Mathew, Ryan, Jai, Ky & Jack .

We were pretty pumped about the whole day. We played 11 games each….it was tiring but lots of fun, we were exhausted by the end.

After we had all finished playing basketball we had a presentation.

The girls team came 2nd and boys team came 3rd

Well done FEPS!!!!

P.S Thanks to all our parents & Grandparents who came to watch and support us!!!!!!


Soccer Girls Win Division 2 In Winter Sports…..

What a year the Senior Soccer girls had this year……. Undefeated throughout the interschool matches to finish on top of the division 2 ladder!!!!!

This then meant we had to play off against St Johns the division 1 winners…….and………what a great game that was.

The competition was very evenly matched and both teams played really great defense.  It wasn’t until mid in the 2nd half that the first goal was scored by St Johns………before we knew it the game was over and we had lost 0-1

We are all very proud of our achievement and our team spirit.

GO FEPS!!!!!!!!

GO GIRLS!!!!!!!



District Cross Country 2016



Friday 20th of May saw children from grades 3 to 6 travel to Woodleigh Senior Campus to compete in the annual District Cross Country.

The children were fantastic giving their all in the races they ran, helping our school come 3rd in the junior section, 4th in the senior section and 3rd overall in our division.

There are approximately 120 children in each race with all of our children finishing between the 20’s to 70’s.

Our 2 best runners this year were Matty W who ran 8th and Maurice P who ran 11th.

Congratulations again to all the children that competed. A job well done


IMG_7935 IMG_7945 IMG_7982

Field Events 2016


On Wednesday !8th May children from grades 3 to 6 competed at Ballam Park athletics track in the district field events. We were very lucky with the  weather on the day.

All the children competed with good spirit and sportsmanship to achieve the best results they could in their events.

IMG_7615 IMG_7613 IMG_7612

Wheel Talk…….


Wednesday the 4th of May saw Brendan from Disability Sport and Recreation come and visit us.  He explained how he had had an accident as a young man and become a paraplegic.  He told us all about how he learnt to cope with life and how he had to relearn how to do many of the things he always took for granted.

After his talk Brendan took us outside were we got to sit in a wheelchair and play basketball.

IMG_7610 IMG_7598 IMG_7673IMG_7634IMG_7622



On Tuesday 19th of April we had Jimmy Webster and Patty McCartin from St Kilda Football Club come and give us a talk about setting goals for our future. After that they took us outside were we had a kick around of the footy and we played a few games and won some prizes.



Water Safety 2016

IMG_7265 IMG_7302

I enjoyed water safety because we got to go in the water. I found it challenging but I thought it might be a bit more challenging!!!

Riley O

Water safety was so much fun, my favourite activity was the iron-man challenge. Each group had a runner, a swimmer, a lifejacketer, a boogy boarder and a surfer…….

Matthew L

Water safety was full of heaps of fun activities. I mostly enjoyed the iron-man race because it was a challenge.


IMG_7322 IMG_7313



At water safety we learnt how to survive in storms. I liked the surfboards and how we raced each other.


At water safety we did paddle boarding, put on life jackets, learnt D.R.A.B.C.D. and at the end we did a bit of the iron-man challenge.


I enjoyed learning how to use kick boards, learning CPR so I can help people. Using the junior surf boards was really lots of fun too!!!

We had an iron man contest where we competed with other groups, if was fun.



Beach Day 2016

2016-02-23 09.11.572016-02-23 09.33.122016-02-23 09.31.16

Tuesday the 23rd February the whole school went to Canadian Bay Beach for an excursion to do rock pooling. Once we arrived we jumped off the bus and set off to find our buddies. We walked along the beach to go to the rock pools….

Canadian Bay is located in Mount Eliza.

Some lucky people found crabs and sea stars.

2016-02-23 10.53.01

We had perfect weather for our mornings rock pooling but it started to heat up really quickly so by snack time everyone was very hot!!!!!!

We jumped back on the bus, came back to school and all received an icy-pole from the PFA ladies………..They were delicious!!!!!!


On Friday 5th February we had a visit from the Federal Opposition Leader Mr Bill Shorten and Ms Peta Murphy, Labor’s candidate for the federal seat of Dunkley.




They were met outside the front of the school  by our School Captains Monique  and Jordan where they were then shown to our Prep grade. Mr Shorten and Ms Murphy had a brief chat to our  new Preps before heading out to our Junior playground for a media conference.


A very exciting morning…….