Basketball Lightning Premiership 2017


On Friday the 25th of August we had our Annual Basketball Lightning Premiership. We had a girls’ team which was coached by Mrs Smith and a boys’ team which was coached by Mr O.

In the girl’s team we had Lani, Tatiana, Pearl, Carla & Grace.
In the boy’s team we had Sam, Chris, Ky, Jack, Maurice & Christian.

We were pretty pumped about the whole day. We played 11 games each….it was tiring but lots of fun, we were exhausted by the end. The Girls had 5 wins, 1 draw & 5 Losses

The boys had 10 wins & 1 loss

After we had all finished playing basketball we had a presentation.

The girl’s team came 4th and the boy’s team came 1st

GO FEPS!!!!! 

P.S Thanks to all our parents & Grandparents who came to watch and support us!!!!!!