5/6 Camp…….


Monday the 5th October saw the 5/6’s set off on a 3 day adventure to Oasis Youth Camp. Before we went to camp we packed our suit cases and sleeping bags in the bus. We said good bye to our families and we were on our way!!!!!!

At camp there are LOTS of activities to do so we started straight away. Some of the activities were:

1. Flying fox, which is a lot of fun. When you jump off the top you think you are going to hit your feet on the trees…..Loralei

  1. Archery, which was super fun but hard as you must do it the correct way….Alayha.
  2. Candle Making, it was great fun, we got to do our own style and colour….Chloe.
  3. Ropes Course, which was really hard, you need to be steady on your feet, you also need a spotter behind you……Cameron.
  4. Initiative Games, which is all about team work but it was fun in the end………Brian.
  5. Eco Centre, which is where they keep all the reptiles such as frogs, lizards and snakes. We got to hold them and learn a bit about each one……Jade

The weather was very, very hot……we had 33 degrees for 2 days!!!!!!

On Monday night we sat around the unlit campfire and Mr O told us the story about 2 boys that went down a dark, dark road…….then into a dark, dark house……….where they found a PINK JELLYBEAN in a chest!!!!!!!

On Tuesday night we watched a movie called ‘Minions’. It was a great movie and very funny in certain bitsJ

On the last day we packed up all our stuff and made our cabins clean. We all had to put our suitcases and sleeping bags in the shelter shed where it said luggage. After that we played a game called Scupltionary. After morning tea we set off on our hike to Silvan Dam where we had lunch, there were chicken burgers or hot dogs. When we finished our lunch we hopped on the bus and headed back to the real world………SCHOOL!!!!!!!

We enjoyed going to Camp Oasis. We had an AMAZING TIME!