On Monday the 24th of August we had our Basketball Lightning Premiership. We had a girls’ team which was coached by Mrs Smith and a boys’ team which was coached by Mr O.

In the girl’s team we had Bethany, Jade, Sarah, Loralei, Alayha, Louise, Kayla & Maddie.

In the boy’s team we had Sam, Keanu M, Molang, Brian, Antonio & Jordan.

We were really excited about playing other schools. We played 10 games each….it was tiring but lots of fun, we were exhausted by the end.

After we had all finished playing basketball we had a presentation.

Both the girls and boys teams came 2nd which meant………….

Our school came 2nd overall……

Well done FEPS!

P.S Thanks to all our Mums, Dads & Nanas who came to watch us!!!!!!IMG_6129


We can dance!!!

On Thursdays the 5/6’s have dance in the hall. It teaches us how to respect each other. Dance is fun and many people enjoy it but it is very complicated. By Louise……

Dance is enjoyable because it’s good for getting along, fitness and just overall fun!!!! Our dance teacher is old but he knows how to bust some moves……his name is Les. Les also teaches tennis but thinks dancing is more fun. Les has taught us a warm up dance, the tango and rock’n’roll. By Jordan……….


Every Thursday both 5/6 grades join together to do dance. Dancing is pretty hard but once you learn all the moves it is definitely exciting!!! It is an amazing opportunity and it teaches us to respect each other…….it is awesome!!!!!  By Makayla

Dance is peaceful and relaxing a place to take your mind off things……..Dance can be good for learning to get along, respecting others and getting to know people that you don’t really know that well.   By Keanu M


Every Thursday at 9am both 5/6 classes have dance lessons with Les our dance teacher. We have learnt different dance routines and also how to respect others. The dance routines we do are quite hard….such as rock’n’roll, the tango and the basic 4 step. By Jade

Les the tennis coach is teaching us dancing, he is teaching us different dances with partners…… Dance can be nerve-racking at the time but when you get used to it, it’s not that scary…….it can become fun when you get into it…….. It is relaxing and interesting. By Fabian