Wheel Talk

On a beautiful morning of 2015 at about 10 past 9 am, 5/6S and 5/6O went to the hall to meet Gary to talk about wheel talk.

Everyone sat down and then Gary came in and started talking by saying, “Hi kids, how are you?”

After he started talking about his life, how he got injured, what sports he played, the countries he’s been to, his family and even about his friend’s son’s death. We got to ask some questions afterwards as well and then 5/6O went back to class and 5/6S went out to the basketball court. We got into groups of 2 and 3 because there were only 10 wheelchairs and 26 children. Once we were in groups one of the people from our groups got into the wheelchair and wheeled to the yellow line (half the court) and back and then another person or our partner would get in and have a turn. Everyone had at least 2 turns. Eventually we got numbered from 1-5 for basketball. Gary would help sometimes, he wasn’t on any team really but he would help both teams out. After a few rounds we got back in our groups and one of the kids, again, had to get in the wheelchair and race down to the end of the court BUT when they came back they had to go backwards, it was so hard! Then 5/6O came and 5/6S came back to class.

Overall I thought Wheel Talk was amazing and I wish I could do it again next year. But unfortunately I can’t!!

by Louise L