Last Friday 24th April children from grades 3 to 6 competed against each other in our house cross country. We were very lucky with the weather on the day. All the children competed with good spirit and sportsmanship. The first 4 runners of each female/male age group all get to move onto district cross country now, where they will compete against children from other schools. At the end of the competition Beach house were the winning house….GO BEACH!!!!

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Last Friday we caught the bus to Ballam Park to do track events. The first event was 800m then hurdles then 70m then 100m then 200m and the last one was relays. Frankston East Primary School came 3rd out of 5 schools in division 2. The medals I got were 4th in hurdles I also got 4th in 70m. I came 2nd in 100m and my group came 3rd in relays. In my group were Jackie, Maddy, Alayah and me

By Kayla D 5/6s




On Friday the 17th of April the FEPS Track Team caught the bus to Ballam Park to participate in the District Track Events. We started the first event at around 9:30am and that was the 800m. Then the next event started at around 10:00 and that was hurdles. The 100m and the 200m were next. The last event of the day was the relay and that started at around 1:00pm. Frankston East Primary school was in division 2 and we came 3rd out of 5 schools. I came 7th in 800m, 3rd in 200m and in relay we came 3rd. The people in my group were Jackie, Kayla, Alayha and Me. After the last race, we all got back on the bus and the bus driver drove us back to school. We arrived back at school about 3:15pm.

It was a tiring but fun day!