Water Safety 2015…………………….


The best activity at water safety was the board walk with Shannon, because we played a really fun game and then we all got piggybacks.


My favourite part of water safety was when we went upstairs in the lifesavers club, we had to pretend to be saving others and I thought it was really funny.


At Water Safety our two classes learnt the DRSABC the D stands for Danger, the R stands for Rescue, the S stands for Send, the A stands for Airways, the B stands for Breathing and the last letter C stands for CPR.


Water safety was really fun I liked it when we played rock, paper, scissors…….I also liked the life jackets


At water safety we learned lots of life saving skills my favourite was D.R.S.A.B.C.D we learnt about CPR.


At water safety we got told that if you are in the water with friends you should always stay together



Beach Day 2015


On Friday 20th February 2015 Frankston East Primary School went to Canadian Bay Beach. When we arrived we put our bags down on the sand and collected our buddies. Then we walked along the beach and we looked for crabs, starfish, seashells and sea stars. I found nothing but a lot of pretty sea shells and star fish. Many people found big crabs and sea stars, most people brought containers and buckets to put the crabs and sea stars in. After a while we went back to our bags to have snack. After that we had the sand castle competition, many people built turtles and normal sandcastles, I just buried my legs. While we were making our sandcastles Mrs Heeney gave out snake lollies to everyone. She had to put the snake in your mouth since your hands would be sandy. After building sand castles we packed up, lined up and boarded on to the bus to go back to school. When we arrived at school we changed our shoes and got rid of as much sand as possible. We headed inside and we got our icy-poles and not long after we went out for lunch.

Beach day was fun it’s too bad I won’t be here next year.

By Louise 5/6s