IMG_4380IMG_4376This week grade 5/6 went swimming, it is great fun!!  I am in the lowest group where we learn easy stuff……….and I love it 🙂

Makayla B


I really enjoyed swimming and learning new things.  Our group did a range of techniques from freestyle to diving or pin dropping into ‘oil’……

Jade C


What I liked about swimming was that the lessons where well planned and what you learn can save lives.

Hamish W


In swimming first off we did survival skills, backstroke and freestyle.  Then we did some diving.

Steph R


Today at swimming our teacher threw us into the pool……it  was fun 🙂 .  At the end of the lesson we went into the deep pool and dived in….(I touched the bottom).

Jerell R


This week I started swimming at the new PARC swim centre in Frankston.  I am in green group and I like my instructor (he’s nice) and I’ve learn new, fun things 🙂

Misty-Gail H

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