Oasis Youth Camp


56Camp 450

On October 6th grades, 5/6O and 5/6S went to Oasis Youth Camp. We left the school at precisely 9:00 AM on bus. It was an hour long drive and at the end everyone super excited.

Day 1

When we got off the bus we went into the dining room. On one side there were wooden tables and near the front they had counters to serve food. On the other side of the room were a white board, a mini stage and a door behind it. When the 5/6’s sat down our teachers Mr. O and Mrs Schumacher explained the rules and goals (get along, have fun and respect) then we were introduced to the camp monitors Emily, Josie and John. After doing that we got shown to our cabins. Me and two friends were in cabin 13. On 3 sirens we had to be ready for our first activity which was (drumroll please) making placemats! After what it seemed to be 10 minutes we were called back to the floor for our next activity. To find our way around the camp we had to do this thing called “Oasis Hunt,” the goal of the game was, with your group, to travel around the camp looking for certain items and when the sheet was filled we gave it back to the camp monitors and waited in the Games room.

My team was determined to win. We almost did!  3 sirens went they were going to announce the winners! We came third.

We were so happy! We all received green cards (in camp the points can be earned with   cards green cards 10 points, yellow cards 5 points). After it was lunch. Then we had other activities my group had ropes course and archery. It was starting to get dark and the activities were done we got a little time to ourselves. 3 sirens went that meant dinner. We had mashed potatoes and chicken drumsticks and for dessert we got ice cream. Once all the plates were off the table we had to write diary entries and read some out loud. They we super good! We still had time before camp fire so we had a game called Oasis Quiz Master where 3 contestants went on stage and had to answer questions, everyone you answered correctly you got 5 dollars (pretend money) and the person with the most money were winners. We were supposed to have a camp fire but the weather didn’t agree with us so we had a pretend one!! We told jokes, ate marshmallows and Mr. O told us a story where there was a secret room and inside it was….. (I’m not going to spoil it for you) After that point we were all had supper, which was hot cocoa and . Then it was off to bed.56Camp 671

Day 2

Today was a full day of activities and fun and before the day even started properly we had bunk house inspections. The Bunk house Inspector had said our bunk house was very clean. For breakfast on Day 2, was  cereal, toast and hash browns. Today my group had flying fox and crate climbing. Between activities we ate morning tea and afternoon tea (fruit for morning tea and muffins for afternoon tea). After afternoon tea we got some time to ourselves. 3 sirens went after maybe 20 minutes? Well anyway we were called for lunch and more activities! For lunch today we had fish and chips which were delicious! Next activities for my group we ecoe centre and candle making. The sun was starting to go down and we had all finished our activities for the day so that gave us time to clean our bunk houses for the next inspection. 2 sirens went and that meant duty group tonight it was Mena which was my .In duty group you had to set the tables and at the end clean them. By the time my friend and I came back everyone was reading diary entries. OK so maybe we were a little late but we didn’t miss anything important. Once again we did Oasis Quiz Master. This time I was a contestant, I came in second place which is better than nothing it. The sun had gone down now but we weren’t heading to bed yet we still had a couple of things to do. One of those things was  a movie.  The movie we watched was “The Sandlot Kids” by the end of the movie everyone was really tired including me. So once again we had supper (which was banana cake and hot cocoa) and off to bed!56Camp 460

Day 3

Today was the last day of camp and there was only one activity left, the hike but before that we had some jobs to do!  First it was breakfast this time it was scrambled eggs, toast and cereal. Straight after breakfast we all headed back to our cabins for bunk inspections. This time we had to pack all of our belongings and not leave anything  in our cabin. We had a little time left to haul our luggage to the luggage shelter and then wait. 3 sirens went for what could be the last time. We ate morning tea and then we played a game “Sculptionary.” It’s like Pictionary except with play-doh and the first table to go through the list of words won the competition. Sadly our table didn’t win!! Then we had to go for the hike to Lilydale Lake.  It was really long but I was happy when we got there and we got lunch which was hot dogs or chicken burgers. Yum!! Then the bus arrived to take us home.

We were all tired and happy to be going home!!

Makayla 5/6s