On Monday August 25th our senior year 5/6 students were invited to participate in our yearly Basketball Lightning Premiership.  We played 10 games each with 2 separate teams of girls and boys.  We had a lot of fun!!!!!    By Misty

On Monday 25-8-2014 we had our Basketball Lightning Premiership day, we all loved playing our 10 very competitive games and over all it was a very fun day…… By Steph

Yesterday year 5/6’s went to the Frankston Basketball Stadium, my highlights were scoring four 3 pointers!!!!!!      By Jarvis

On 25-8-2014 we went to the Frankston Basketball Stadium, we had to verse other schools and out of 10 games of basketball the boys  came 2nd  We played very well.  By Molang

Basketball was great fun…….we had to play 10 games, we won 9!!!!!    It was tiering but it was a great experience.      By Ben

Basketball was a great day, we had a lot of fun and it was a new experience for people that don’t play.  By Keanu M

Basketball was exciting and it was a great experience because it was my first ever basketball game…….By Mary

I enjoyed Basketball Lightning Premiership very much, we won every match except the last one L L  By McLaren

On Monday I was picked for the girls basketball team, it was very scary because I didn’t know how to play but it was also fun because it was new to me and I enjoyed it.     By Mia

Yesterday was amazing…..  It was really fun and also helped my fitness and teamwork.  By Alyssa

Basketball was really fun up until the end where we were in the grand final and we lost to Bayside it was  SHATTERING!!!!!!!!!!  By Jesse