When I was handed my year 6 t-shirt and jumper my jaw hung down because I was that surprised!!!!!



I felt like Christmas in March for me because we’ve been waiting for 7 years for our t-shirts and jumpers….



I felt so excited… soon as I walked into the room after doing bins I was given my grade 6 tops, it was like Christmas but at school.



When I got my grade 6 jumper I felt super dooper awesome.



When I first saw the grade 6 uniform I thought it was Christmas in March.  It was tremendous of them to come and I could not wipe the smile off my face.



When we got our jumpers I was really excited and it felt exactly like Christmas.



It was like Christmas in March, it was so exciting!!!



It felt like Christmas to me when I got my year 6 tops.











When I went to the water safety program at the beach last week my best thing during my time there was the flag race and the nipper boards they were the most challenging activities there.    By Hamish  W

At Water Safety we had to do a lot of things Like:
Racing to get the hose, Boogie Boards, Saving the Person that was in the water, Surf boards.

In the water it was warm But every time you got out of the water it was VERY cold. The thing I liked the most was doing the surf board racing.        By Erica 😀

At Water safety 5/6S and 5/6O got to play games like: having a race to get the hose out of the sand, pretending to save people and going on surfboards.  My favourite bit was, having lunch and going in the water. The thing I hated most of all was coming out of the water because it was so cold!!!           By Lily 😀

Last week at water safety 5/6O and 5/6S went to Frankston Beach to learn survival skills that could possibly save your own or some other person’s life, we played games as well.     By Jarvis

We went to water safety last week it was so much FUN we went on safety tubes, boogie boards, nipper boards and life jackets      by Samuel J

Last week at water safety we learned about  DRABCD and how to save people’s lives we also learned how to dolphin dive in the water.    By Liam

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Tennis is great fun for the whole grade, we’ve learned how to hit a forehand, backhand and a volley.           By Ben.


Tennis is fun and a great game to play I have learned many skills in tennis like how the hit a volley or a forehand.                                        By Mary


Tennis is a great way to learn skills with your hands and move quickly, you also learn you move your feet and stand properly.                                                   By Jarvis


Tennis is an awesome way to learn hand-eye coordination and it is really fun to play!!.                  By Makayla.B


Tennis is good to learn about, it is the first time I’ve  been taught by a tennis coach, it is fun.                    By Keanu M


Tennis is fun I did not think it would be. My favourite hit would have to be the forehand and our tennis coach is funny, his name is Les.           By Loralei