On Wednesday the 26th of February the 5/6’s had Wheeltalk.

We started our day with Robby telling us about his accident. He told us that he had just got his L -plates and was riding a dirt bike up a hill, when a car was coming from the other side of the hill and they had a head on collision. He was thrown 45 metres from his bike and damaged 65% of his bones.

After our chat with Robby 5/6S went outside and assembled the wheelchairs.

After we did that we had a ride around the basketball court, it felt weird going in a wheelchair but now we know how Robby feels.

When we had finished that we played a few rounds of wheelchair basketball.

We all thought it was a bit weird in a wheelchair!

After that Robby had to go so we all thanked him for a great day and a great experience.

It was  a terrific day!!

Jade 5/6S



IMG_2839 IMG_2820



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Beach Day 2014 006

On Friday 14th of February at 9:00am everybody from our awesome school went to the beautiful Canadian Bay Beach for our annual beach day. The bus trip was pretty fast. First we went down to the rock pools! For the preps it was really exciting and great fun to be there for their first time. We had heaps of fun finding crabs and starfish in the rock pools.

IMG_2672 IMG_2676

There were so many rock pools to explore and examine, but it was almost the end, so we had a few more minutes looking around.  Then the exploring  was almost over so we went back to our bags to have our snack. The great part about snack was that the teachers came around and gave us some lollies. “YUMMY”

Unfortunately by the time we finished our snack it was time to go back to school. BUT it wasn’t over!

 When we got back to school we changed our shoes and then we got icy poles kindly organized by the PFA. The icy poles were really enjoyable and tasty.

 Then we went outside to play.

Everybody had a terrific day. Thanks to Mr McFall and the teachers for organising our fun day.

BY BEN. 5/6S

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