Feast 2013

On the 16th of October we had our annual performing arts musical or Feast at George Jenkins Theatre which involved the whole school putting on a show for all the families and friends.


We hit off this fantastic night with a select group of 8 guitarists playing a few chords for the crowd. While this was happening the preps were behind the curtain getting ready for “I’m a Gummy Bear” and “The Ants Go Marching

In”. When the guitar group finished the boss-like intros came on to welcome everybody to the show. Then 3/4B did “David Jones”, “Snake Tales” and “salt and Vinegar chips” closely followed by 1/2W with “Juicy Juice Box. Then 5/6S came on with “Impressions”, “Doctor’s Office” and “Radio Mix Up”. Up next was 3/4S with “Marching Band” followed by the junior singing group with “I’m a Believer”.  In between these performances short skits were being performed by the intro people who were Roan Steele, Anthony Tanevski and A Taylor. Next on the stage was 5/6O with “Lightning Larry” and then 1/2S came on with two friendship songs. Last but not least, was 2/3H came up with “Is it time yet?”, “Too Smart for this School” and “Camping”.


Next up was a combination of people from “Putting on the Hits” singing the song “I Get A Good Feeling” but then the spotlight changed to the FEPS choir who sang “Change Your Life” and “Use Somebody”. And then came the amazing finale “It’s always a good Time” where everybody who performed on the night came on for one last dance.

Even though our show had ended everyone still seemed to be enjoying themselves and laughing their hearts out. It was a sensational night!


Written By A Taylor.



On Monday the 7/10/2013 the 5/6’s went to Oasis Youth Camp.

Before we went to camp we packed our suit cases and sleeping bags in the bus. We said good bye to our families and we were on our way to camp. We had a lot of activities to do so we started straight away.

Some of the activities were:
1. Flying fox

The flying fox was a great experience and absolutely frightening.

2. Archery

Archery was a fabulous sport but dangerous too and you needed lots of skill to play this sport.

3. Candle Making

Candle making was magnificent we could do lots of different styles, shapes and sizes.

4. Ropes course

The ropes course was fantastic but super wobbly.

The night time activities were:


The Camp Fire

1. On Monday night we had a camp fire. At the camp fire we roasted delicious, warm, sweet marshmallows. After the marshmallows Mr O told us about the story of the mysterious Monks.  When the story finished we sang a song Singing In The Rain.

2. On Tuesday night we watched a movie called turbo. Turbo is about being persistence. It was a fantastic movie to watch. J

3. On the last day we had to pack up all our clothes and toiletries and make the cabins clean. We all had to put our suitcases and sleeping bags in the shelter shed where it said luggage. While we were waiting we played a game called Scupltionary.

We then put on sunscreen and our hats and we started to walk. During the walk we had a little rest and Josh told us a couple of stories. When we got to Silvan Dam we had lunch and we had chicken burgers or hot dogs. When we finished our lunch we hopped on the bus and had a nap or played some games on the way home.

We enjoyed going to Camp Oasis. We had an AMAZING TIME!


By; Alyssa and Chloe