Basketball Lightning Premiership

On Monday 26th of August we had our basketball lightning premiership. There was a girl’s team which was coached by Mrs Smith and a boy’s team which was coached by Mr O.

In the girl’s team there was Judith,  Shania , Chloe, Brodie, Nyaruot  and Miki R.
In the boy’s team there was Roan, Anthony, Jaya, Ben.L, Ethan and Cody.

We were really excited about playing  other schools. We played 9 rounds/games it was tiring but  lots of fun. All the other teams were really good and we were exhausted by the end.

After we finished  the basketball  we had a presentation. Woodleigh and St. Johns won the overall championships ( girls and boys ).

Well done FEPS!

P.S Thanks to all our supporters and helpers!

By Judith and Chloe 🙂


Last Friday we had Field Events. We went to Ballam Park to compete.  There were 5 different events they were High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus and Shot Put.

When we arrived at Field Events we had a meeting and then we went to our events. After the meeting I went to high jump with Ezekiel. When I arrived at High Jump we were allowed to have a practice jump.

The recorded jumps started and I had to sit and wait until it was my jump. I was a little nervous before my turn and then they called my name. When I completed my jump I went back and watched the rest of the people do their jump.

It had been cold all that time and then it started to rain. When the rain started they cancelled the event. This meant that we had to do it the next Friday.

All of the kids from Frankston East won lots of ribbons.

Written by Ethan