Division 2 Grand Final

On Friday the 19th July the girls’ soccer team made it into the division 2 grand final.  We played at home against Bayside Christian College.  We were determined to win and extremely excited to play and have some fun along the way!!

It was a really tough game with Bayside scoring 2 goals in the first half but we stayed persistent….. In the second half Bayside started to get tired and that’s when we kicked an EXCELLENT goal. Unfortunately Bayside started to fight back and kicked 2 more goals making them the winners with a final score of 4-1


By Shay & Judith

On the 19th of July Frankston East boys soccer team played against Bayside Christian College. It was a huge build up to this grand final and surely one to remember.  At the start most of us were nervous but we were ready for the challenge .  Mr.O told us to start well and catch them off guard and put pressure on them early. So we did.  With everyone putting in lots of effort  we scored four goals early and at half time it was Feps 4-0 winning.


After the half time break we were eager  to finish off the game in style and we did kicking two more goals. The crowd couldn’t keep up with the speed rate we were going at. In the end we simply were just too good for an out run Bayside winning 6-0. Next week we play Karingal and are looking forward to another tough game.


By Roan & Anthony