Jump rope for heart!

On Tuesday 18th of June the whole school participated in an activity called Jump Rope for Heart at Frankston East Primary School. The main idea of Jump Rope for Heart is to use all your skills in skipping to keep yourself fit and get your heart beating at a good pace, which will keep your body healthy.


First we all had been arranged in our house groups (Mena, Ashley, Frawley and Beach). Each group had their own skipping routine to start with, such as races, double dutch, egg beater, skipping skills/tricks, passing a ball while skipping etc. There were eight activities, and each group rotated and persistently did them all.


During Jump Rope for Heart we had a chance to practice our tricks. The most popular tricks were double under cut, criss cross and speed skipping. Double undercut is when you swing the jump rope twice, but only jump over it once. Criss cross is when you skip with your arm over the other and your arms will form a cross as you jump. Speed skipping is when you skip at a high speed and jump really fast (obviously).


I had a lot of fun skipping on Tuesday and I hope everyone else did too. I think we all did very well, there were also many students with amazing talent that even set a record!


Reach Rookies

On the 12th of June all the grade 5/6 students participated in a session called Reach Rookies. Reach Rookies is run by a man named Jim Stynes. At Reach Rookies there were two girls who talked about comfort zones and what makes us different. There is a song called Boygle which is a circle formed with boys and girls in the order of boy, girl, boy, girl and on and on.


We had to form a pattern of boys and girls and put masking tape on the ground and stand on it and someone has to stand in the middle of the circle and say their name and then say what makes them different. If you have the same difference you have to move to a different piece of masking tape.


I had a lot of fun and I hope all the other students had fun as well, I learnt that everyone is different and also learnt what a Boygle is!