District Track Events

Wow I can’t wait to tell you about Friday 19th April at track. We hopped on the bus and went down to Ballam Park running track. When we hopped off the bus our teachers Mrs Schumacher, Mrs Smith and Mrs Hoyne led us to the blue tarp were Mr O was waiting for Roan and Anthony to help set up the tarp.  Everyone rushed for the front row view. Chloe and I got to the front row as quick as possible and waited for the 800m runners.

 The 12 year olds were first, our 2 runners were Roan and Azlen they did an amazing job. The best part was they both achieved a ribbon.  Up next were the 12 year old girls Brodie and Judith who ran like they were professional’s.  Next  were the 11 year olds.   The boys were up first, Ben and Liam, they ran so well then came the girls, Stephanie and Morgandy.  After that race we had  the 10 year olds,  Molang and Mathew  ran an amazing  race.

We had hurdles next, the hurdlers were really good. After that came the 70m then the 100 then the 200m and then the relays. All the people in those races ran amazingly well, I was speechless.   We won lots of ribbons 3rd place,  4th place,  2nd place and the best ribbon was the 1st place ribbon.      

By Nyaruot