On Friday the 8th of March the grade 5/6s went to Water Safety. Forty kids went to the Frankston Life Saving Club. We went to Frankston beach. When we got there we had to walk past the McDonalds to the beach. Mr O told us we had to get organised before we were put in our groups. Jackie was the leader of the Life Savers. Mr O told us what activities we were doing. The activities were DRABCD, life jackets, nipper boards, boogie boards, water safety, flags, swimming, and much more. We completed three activities then we had our snack, and then three activities then a top up of sunscreen and lunch. We did our last two activities and finally we packed up and got ready to leave to head back to school. When we got back to school we all had to change into dry clothes.

I think that Water Safety was the best day of this term.

By McLaren


On Tuesday March 12th  Frankston East Primary School went to Canadian Bay Beach. When we arrived at the beach we excitedly walked to the rock pools where we started to explore.

We spent about an hour exploring the rock pools, then we walked back to our bags because it was snack time. We were going to have a sand castle contest but it was too hot! We came back to school and we got icy poles.



By Mary



On the 26th February Ben McEvoy and Tom Curren from the St Kilda Football Club came down to speak to us about leadership and a healthy food diet. After they had introduced themselves they started to chat to us.

Firstly they told us where they grew up and which junior footy club they played for.        Tom (who has been at St Kilda for 3 years) grew up in Mt Eliza while Ben ( who has been at St Kilda for 5 years) grew up in the country.  Both players were drafted straight from Year 12 to the Saints so they’ve never had a normal job. A few of the kids wanted to ask  questions like; what is your diet and what have you learnt about leadership?

Next they started talking about their diet. They both told us the need to eat lots of carbohydrates, dairy foods, fruit and vegetables but NO fatty foods. They said that junk food is not allowed to be eaten like McDonalds, KFC or Hungry Jacks and sweets. Ben said he only has a little bit of ice cream.  If they eat too much junk food they won’t be in game shape and will carry too much body fat to run out the game. Both players also said they had their body fat measured with the pinch test.

Next they told us that leadership is not always about being recognised. It’s about you setting a good example for when you are not in the spotlight. Ben is now in the leadership group at the Saints and Tom is hoping he will be there soon. They were both either captain or vice-captain as a junior player in their own club or when they played  in the TAC.

Finally they wrapped it up with some autographs on a piece of paper. I think everyone enjoyed them coming and teaching us how to improve our diet and how to be a leader.

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