Last week for P.E. both 5/6 grades had two men come in and talk to us about everything there is to know about rugby. Their names were Chris and Will.

We first learnt about running and doing touch downs. We then moved on to the correct way of throwing the ball from a far distance and how to throw it properly, we were not allowed to spin it when we threw it, that is a skill you have to master….. So we learnt how to throw regularly.

We learnt how to dodge people when running with the ball and how to get away from the other team so they can’t get it.

Chris and Will are from  Melbourne Rebels. Chris I do believe is a New Zealander, Will is an Australian. Last Friday they had their first match against the Force from Perth.

At the end of the lesson one kid from each grade won a family pass to go and watch a game for free and that was us……

By Misty-Gail and Jamie