This week we went swimming, and this is what we learnt.
We learnt to dive, do backstroke, and how to safely enter the water.
The pool was chilly but we got used to it fast. We also thought it was funny to watch the other groups do their activities.
We played games such as, find the brick, noodle races, who can stay under water longest, and who can get the furthest down the pool without breathing.
When it was time for us to leave we had fun racing to see who could get dressed the fastest.
When swimming was over we got a certificate to show how good we were.

Swimming  was heaps of fun!!!!!!!

Written by
Emily how and Ellie-mae


On Thursday the 18th October 2012 all the grade 5 students went to Joy St kinder.

We all borrowed a picture story book to read to the kinder kids. We walked from F.E.P.S to Joy St on a beautiful day. When we got there the kinder kids were sitting beautifully. The grade 5 boys and girls partnered up with the kinder kids. After reading we went outside for a play with our kinder buddies for 30 minutes then we packed up and waved goodbye to them. Then we headed back to school for play.

We had a fantastic time at the kinder.…… Actually we had more fun than the kinder kids.


Leon & Cody