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Finn & Jake

Once upon a time there were two friends, Jake the dog and Finn the human. They lived in the land of Ooo in a tree fort. They spent all their lives hanging out, fighting monsters and protecting princesses. Jake has special powers that allow him to stretch in any form and turn into anything. One time they were fighting the Ice King protecting Princess Bubble-gum, leader of the Candy Kingdom. Later in the day they were wondering around when something caught Jake’s eye, it was a donut bush. Jake went towards the bush to eat a donut when an old witch came up in front of him. She stopped Jake from eating a donut but Jake ended up eating one. In punishment she took away Jake’s powers and the only way to get his powers back is to apologize to the witch for eating one of her donuts. Jake told Finn that when he was a regular dog he was rolling around in a mud puddle then he got powers. So they went off to find the correct mud puddle to get his powers back without apologizing to the witch. Jake can’t stretch, cant bend even can’t run far, but he was forced to. Finn and Jake came up against a river of filth. Finn just jumped over the filth stream but Jake struggled to get over the filth to reach the first mud puddle. Finn had to go back to help Jake get over the filth stream. Underneath there was a skeleton mermaid. Finn and Jake ended up getting over and Jake started rolling in it. Jake said to Finn “Hey you can roll in the mud too Finn, then you can become magic like me!” Finn replied “Hahaha yeah!” Then he jumped into the mud puddle and started rolling in it. Nothing happened. Finn said to Jake “Just how many mud puddles are there in the land of Ooo?” Jake replied “Heaps…… about four or five.” Finn looked at Jake in shock. Jake said “I’m never going to get the right mud puddle. Then the skeleton mermaid came out and took Finn to a bird’s nest where he will be eaten. Jake was sick of not having his powers so he went to the witch who was planting a cupcake tree. Jake apologized but the witch thought his apology was fake so she made Jake do something really embarrassing. She made him dance with his self-conscious with flowers in his underwear. After he did that she gave Jake his powers back. After that he went back to the bird’s nest and stretched up to the nest and got Finn out of there and they went searching for the next mud puddle and they lived happily ever after.

The End



Olympic Tabloid Sports Day

On Tuesday 14th August, we had our Olympic Tabloid Sports throughout the entire school. There were teams 1 to 12 cleverly put together by the officials of the day.

The games started with Elektra saying The Oath when she and Isaac were holding up the Olympic flag …….. thanks to Ms. Nicholson.

All around the school were Olympic events such as hurdles, long jump, discus, relay and more.

The winning teams were a range of USA, Russia and more. The teams were amazing and outstanding at the events and surprising to see them give it their all. There were other events such as marathon and volleyball.

I personally had fun and enjoyed the whole day.

By Ryleigh Sando 5/6S


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