Interschool Sport

On Friday 15th of June we travelled by bus to Somerville where we competed against St Brendan’s.

Netball A, had a great game but sadly lost 16 to 0.

Netball B tried very hard but lost 1-4 good try netball B.

Boys Soccer had a fantastic win with the score of 4-0the goal scorers where Anthony, Ben, Jaya and

Girls soccer had a good game but sadly lost nil to 1.

The footy team tried so hard to win but they were out played with St Brendan’s kicking 79 points and F.E.P.S
kicking 60. If only that last quarter was a little bit longer we may have won!!

Go F.E.P.S……………..

by Anthony &  Shania.




On Thursday  14th of June 2012 we had a person
called Xavier from the Frankston Council Graffiti Education program come  to talk to us about how you shouldn’t do

He started off by telling us what type of
consequences you get if you get caught doing graffiti. Next he performed a
little play to show us how some people get caught up into doing graffiti. Then
he wrote on the board to show us that if you get caught doing graffiti twice
you get a record and if you get caught again you go to jail. He also told us
that there are some graffiti artists that have permission to do graffiti and
they are called Street artists.

Next he showed us on the whiteboard the
choices that you should make when you are under peer pressure and made fun of. He
also taught us to say NO! to a friend that is pressuring you. At the end of the
program he gave us a piece of paper that you had to give your judgement on what
you had learnt. He also gave us all a sticker.

We all had a fun time with Xavier and he taught
us a lot about the good and bad of graffiti.


Just remember there is no such thing as