Interschool Sport


Today we played winter sports against
Frankston Heights at home. The football team had a great game and had a really
big win. Scores: FEPS 156, Frankston heights 13. Fantastic job to the football

Both netball teams played  great games. Netball A lost by 10 points, 16
to 6. Netball B lost as well by 12 points, 16 to 4. Good job both netball

Our two soccer teams played  great games too. The girls team had their
second win, with a score of 4 to 0. Great game girls keep it up!

The boys played a tough game but had a
loss.  They just can’t seem to get that
ball into the net!!!  Scores were 0 to 1.
Good job boys.


Kyle and Jaya 🙂