Education Week

Maths Trail

part of Education Week we had a Maths Trail with our buddies near the prep
building. We had a list of questions with a range of activities we had to
complete. The questions were ones like estimate how many bricks are on the
ground near the taps and then count them or searching for certain shapes in the
playground. Once we completed the activities we sat with our buddies and ate
our lunch. It was a very enjoyable afternoon searching around the playground
and eating our lunch together with our buddies.

Jason Fankhauser

Persuasive Writing

Should cats be kept
inside at night?


BANG!!!Oh no, not another one. Cat
owners should not let their cats out after 6:00, it is irresponsible and just
plain wrong.

Firstly, the roads are very busy at
night and there are some people in their cars who don’t look out and can hit
cats. They can be seriously injured or killed.

Secondly, cats can run away and get
lost and never come back to be loved by their owner.

Thirdly, cats can either kill our
beautiful native animals or they can kill those disgusting animals we really
don’t want brought to our back door like rats and mice.

Next, they can annoy neighbours by
going to their houses and scratching on their doors or meowing for food or they
might even have a dog and it might bark at the cat and wake up people.

Finally, they can be noisy like
scratching on your door. They can also walk on the roof or get into fights with
other cats.

So, unless you want your cat to get
run over, like mine, please keep them in at night.

by Jason Fankhauser