Basketball Clinic

WOW, what a day we had with a
Frankston Blues player!  Her name was
Patrice and she came to FEPS to conduct a basketball clinic.

First we had to get into groups of 3 and we
started off with dribbling with our right hand then our left. Then we played a
shooting game and the team that got to five goals won the game. Patrice came
and gave us a number, one to eleven. Then she told us to lie on our bellies and
then she called out two numbers. The first person to score a goal got a point
for their team. We had a ‘minor mishap’ as Ben and Kyle bumped into each other….oops,
luckily they were both ok! After that Patrice told us to get into a circle and
she taught us some tricks. When our time was up we said goodbye.

We all had great fun!!!!

By Kelsey and Chloe.