It was the 18 of November.

What an exciting aternoon! It was too hot for tennis so we had a surprise ballroom dancing lesson with Les . Everyone didn’t like the idea at first but in the end everyone had fun. We weren’t expecting that Les was a dance teacher. At the end the boys had to lead the girls back to class.

by: Kelsey and Jasmine……

We had lots of fun

We had lots of fun

Indonesian sport!

This week our grade got to learn some more Indonesian. This time we were more focused on sport (olahraga).

 We learnt sports like… panahan (archery), sepak bola (football), menembak (shooting), boxing (tinju),  and there are some where the words change a little bit like… kricket (cricket), net bal (netball) and some that don’t change at all like… bowling and sepak tackraw which is like volleyball and soccer put together.

It was really fun and most of us, I think, knew most of the words.Our marks were 50% knowledge and 50% presentation.We had to at least know 5 Indonesian words to get an A or higher.But it was really easy though!!!!!!

By Nama:Ben       Kelas:5/6 S

Nama saya Ben

Nama saya Ben


On Friday 11th November we had our Remembrance Day ceremony. Almost everyone wore poppies as a mark of respect for our soldiers. Kyle had control of the sound and two wreaths were put near the flag pole by Jesse and Bailey. Caitlin Anderson read out the Ode –

They shall not grow old, as we that are left to grow old

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

Then we had a minute silence with our heads down as the Last Post was played.

Remembrance Day is celebrated to remember what happened in all the wars

wreaths made by Bianca, Maddie, Caiti and Bailey

wreaths made by Bianca, Maddie, Caiti and Bailey