What a night! Everyone looked great and the 56s performance was fantastic. Isaac,Kyle,Jaidyn and Nathan were super. The King and the Annoying kids were funny and the scientists were sensational. We all had a’ blast!’  The crowd loved it.  Mr.Ennis worked hard to get the performance just right. Cody and Dingkar were so funny and every everyone had a laugh.We were all very tired after the performance but we can’t wait for next year!



On Thursday the 8/9 we went to Archery. We had to choose a partner before we started. Then you and your partner would get a shot at the target. Out of the two shots we could use the best one. There were 5 rounds with each getting harder and harder until there was one team left

It was close!!!

The first round was easy, you just had to hit the target. The 2nd round you had to hit the white. But the 3rd round you had to hit the black on the target. Then 4th  blue and 5th red. Then in the final playoff round Caitlin and Kelsey vs Blade and Nathan. Well the question was at the time who would win 5/6S or 5/6O?

Well in the end it was (drum roll please)….. Caitlin and Kelsy who surprisingly lost!!!

AAAAAWWWWW poor Caitlin and Kelsey but congrats to Blade and Nathan who won the archery comp!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 It was a fun morning in archery because we all had fun and (guess what, we got time off work!!!)